Seaweed Tours is  thrilled to announce its newest tour offering ~
The Lunenburg Loop


Three Photo ops and Two Brewery stops…

Up To 8 People

Wed - Sat Three Tours Nightly

Travel “The Lunenburg Loop”

In partnership with Lunenburg’s own Shipwright’s Brewery, and the exciting new Lightships Cidery and Brewery, Seaweed Tours is now offering a fun roundtrip visit to both locations. On this tour we will not only be taking you to these two outstanding breweries, we also add three quick photo ops along the way to capture those must have, sought after, “picture perfect photos”of you and your crew. After all, without photos …Did it really happen?  Now you’ll have proof of the fun! Sit back and relax .. we’ll blast the tunes and do the driving while you get to take in the sights and enjoy worry free, what these awesome breweries have to offer.

Lightship Brewing is the newest establishment from the owners of  Saltbox Brewing joining the original brewery in Mahone Bay and King Street Beer Company in Bridgewater. Lunenburg’s Lightship is officially opened for seated patio service, with a spectacular vista of Lunenburg shoreline and  offers a selection of Saltbox beers and other beverages, and a food menu featuring a variety of seafood dishes, sandwiches, snacks and sweet treats.In addition to the patio, Lightship includes a retail store, an indoor taproom  and a pilot brewing system and foeders that will be used to produce small-batch and barrel-aged beers.


Shipwright Brewing, is a toast to craftsmanship and to the shipbuilding heritage of Lunenburg. Offering traditional and creative brews specially created by local brewmaster Kellye Robertson. Come sample any one of the quality small batch brews offered that pair perfectly with the picturesque surroundings! Attached to the Grand Banker Bar & Grill and the Harbour front patio overlooking Lunenburg’s historic waterfront. 

Hop aboard at 5:30, 6:30 or 7:30 pm

We start from the  picturesque Lunenburg waterfront at 5:30 pm.

Experience the 'Burg

Explore the town with three photo ops

Two Lunenburg Breweries

Lunenburg’s own Shipwright’s Brewery, and the exciting new Lightships Cidery and Brewery

Letting us do the driving,
you do the experiencing! 

Need to know more about Lunenburg?, Well… The Burg, as locals know it… is where all streets are straight and all corners square. To the Acadians, it was Mirligueche. To the English, it became Lunenburg in honour of King George II, Duke of Brunschweig-Lunenburg. To the United Nations, it is a heritage treasure unlike any other. To citizens and their visitors, it remains a fascinating blend of history and real life, a living monument to what was, and what will be. Its history and world UNISCO designation  and distinction makes this town and it surrounding areas a must visit destination. And once people arrive here they want to experience all it has to offer.
The lure of Lunenburg is a magical thing, hard to define. Yet once you’ve found it, you’re hooked. You just know you’re somewhere very special. This place is a beauty with its glistening harbour, bright paint, and magnificent buildings. And the history is compelling; the story of a people-the Foreign Protestants, as our forefathers who founded this place in 1753 were called- finding their homeland, and building it to fame and fortune by becoming the finest fisherman and ship builders the world has ever seen.Our UNESCO World Heritage designation confirms it – Lunenburg is authentic and unique. The designation by UNESCO is based upon Lunenburg’s status as “the best preserved North American example of an eighteenth century British colonial town plan.” When you visit Lunenburg, take the time to get to know her. With many wonderful places to lay your head at night and another great menu around every corner, the foundation is laid for a perfect vacation. Days of excitement and entertainment await you: From our sightseeing and storytelling tours, galleries and shops galore, museums to delight you, music, plays, beaches, and more, and of course the breweries! There’s no need to rush off.  Take your time. We’ve been planning your visit for over 260 years.

So what is offered, and how does it work? Glad you asked…

  • Trip pick up’s times run from 5:30 pm-to- 7:30 pm Wednesday to Saturday. 
  • Pick up location, downtown Lunenburg on 
  • 124 Bluenose Dr. 
  • Only 8 seats availably per trip so first come, first seated. Book ahead if you want to be sure a seat.
  • 3 photo stops along the way.
  • 1/2 hour stop at Lightships Brewery 
  • 1 beer voucher included in ticket price  
  • You will be given a 10 minute signal when the bus is ready to head back.Hop on then or miss your return trip back. No return trip substitutions.
  • Drop off back downtown to Shipwrights Brewery
  • Trip duration approximately 1 hour start to finish
  • Photo I.D. is required, and guests must be 19 years old.
    (Non Alcoholic beverages available
  •  Book early to ensure you get the date and time you want
  • Safety is our #1 commitment.We follow all covid related protocols and include extensive cleaning and disinfection at the beginning and ending of each trip.
  • Seaweed Tours and brewery staff reserves the right to stop serving and/or remove and refuse guests services who are intoxicated or unruly.
* Masks are required.

Evening Local Tours

Departing from the downtown Lunenburg historic waterfront 5:30 pm Wed – Sat

Local Breweries

Lunenburg and surrounding area is home to many unique, award-winning craft breweries.

Brewery Tours

We’ll visit a number of craft breweries where you can let your tastebuds decide which is your favourite.

Brew Tastings

Many amazing craft beer tastings and products will be available for you to purchase at each location.

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