Hidden Gems &
Storytelling Tours in Lunenburg


Various Tours Daily

Up To 8 People

7 Days a Week

Breathtaking Scenery

Let our stories become your stories and take a few home with you


Come explore hidden gems, beautiful picture-perfect scenery and hear a yarn or two along the way as we leisurely travel the town of Lunenburg and the lovely coastline just outside.

You'll see…

Breathtaking views photographers travel great distances to capture

You'll hear...

Real stories. First-hand stories with a musical soundtrack to match

You'll breathe in...

The salt air of the ocean and the perfume of wildflowers

You'll feel...

The wind in your hair, sand underfoot, and a deep connection to mother nature

Unique Experiences


We believe taking time to sit back and enjoy the moment is an essential part of living life well, taking time to not just pass through the world around us, but to truly experience it. To intently see, smell, hear, touch and taste at any given moment and to live in such a way that these experiences cement the memories now that we will draw on later to remind us that joy, especially in the simplest of things, still exist. 

Your sight-seeing and story-telling tours with us are designed to ignite your senses, to celebrate the beauty around you and to be fun and entertaining to create new stories that you will feel are worthy of sharing.

 On a Seaweed Hidden Gems Tour you will hear laughter and listen to the roll of ocean waves. You’ll feel the wind in your hair, sand underfoot, and a deep connection with mother nature. You can breathe in and smell the fresh Atlantic air and the perfume of seaweed and wildflowers; you might even taste a drop of saltwater spray delivered from the water’s edge.

And of course, you’ll see breathtaking views and vistas that photographers travel from all over the world to capture. All this as well as the firsthand real stories delivered to you by those who’ve lived them—with a musical soundtrack to match

But that’s not all. 

A trip with Seaweed Tours starts with a drive though the beautiful and historic UNESCO town of Lunenburg with a narrative and understanding told to you from a long-time local’s perspective. Histories both distance and recent that have shaped this very special place called Lunenburg.

Next up, we travel along the rugged coastal shores just outside of Lunenburg that includes stops and visits to authentic working small fishing villages, where you will get to experience a real sense of what the past was like and how that past is in many ways is still alive and present today. 

Along with visiting these Hidden Gems and experiencing the breathtaking scenery, there are the stories… 

Authentic and often first-hand. Local “un-googleable” stories with some traditional history added in for good measure. These “yarns” are designed to entertain and have been well received by travellers, with many giving the tours full star reviews! 

On a Seaweed Hidden Gem’s tour, you will experience first-hand our exclusive excursions. Trips to the places the local know and love. The places you came here to see, the ocean, the beauty, the photo ops and of course, the way of life. We believe our tours will more that meet your expectations. 

We will provide to you the perspectives, knowledge, and stories that long time “Lunenburgers” have experienced, shared and pasted on.

Short but not hurried 1 1/2 hour morning and afternoon trips starting at, and returning to, the beautiful downtown Lunenburg waterfront. 

You will be traveling on our lovely and comfortable Seaweed Tours, tour bus, there is nothing else quite like it. With it’s beautiful and unique exterior, big windows, and roomie welcoming interior people love the brightly decorated little bus.

Seating is limited to a total of 8 allowing for more personal attention and a more exclusive private tour feel. 

Tours will be available in the high season running several times a day, and in the shoulder seasons (spring & fall) from Thursday through Sunday. The fall is a particularly beautiful time in this area and experiencing one of our Hidden Gems Tours at this time will be enhanced by the beautiful fall foliage and changing colours.



Short and unhurried 1 1/2 hr morning and afternoon trips.


Travel safely on our lovely and comfortable Seaweed Tours bus.


Total sitting capped at 8 allowing for personal attention and that exclusive private tour feel.


Numerous tours offered daily.

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