Hidden Gems
Storytelling Tours


60-Min Tour

Up To 8 People

Tues - Sun

5 Tours Daily

Let our stories become your stories and take a few home with you


This 60-min storytelling tour will take you off the beaten path to explore the places that the locals know and love.

From visiting a working fishing village, to walking along the “black rocks” and beaches at the seashore, come explore what the locals already know. Our Hidden Gems Storytelling tour is sure to delight!

You'll see…

Breathtaking views photographers travel great distances to capture

You'll hear...

Real stories. Firsthand stories—with a musical soundtrack to match

You'll breathe in...

The salt air of the ocean and the perfume of wildflowers

You'll feel...

The wind in your hair, sand underfoot, and a deep connection with mother nature

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