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Whether you’re in the mood to explore our beautiful shoreline, visit with a local fisherman, or just sit back, relax and sip locally-made craft beers and wines; Seaweed Tours is sure to delight.

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At Seaweed Tours we believe that taking time to sit back
and enjoy the moment is an essential part of living life well.
Our tours are designed to ignite your senses
and inspire new memories worth sharing.

Brewery & Winery Tours

Enjoy a day-trip to beer or wine country. Explore whimsical towns, tour local vineyards and breweries, and sip to your heart’s delight.
We’ll do the driving! 

Hidden Gems Tours

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a tale or two on our Hidden Gems tours. We’ll explore breathtaking hidden gems and best kept secrets along the Lunenburg county coast.

Special Occasions

Delight your guests with a private tour, a group adventure or arrive at your next event in style. You think it we’ll deliver it! Perfect for birthdays, bridal parties, and more.

About Seaweed Tours

We believe that taking time to sit back and enjoy the moment
is an essential part of living life well.
Taking time to really see what is around us.
To hear laughter and to listen to ocean waves.
To smell the air deep in your lungs
and maybe taste a drop of saltwater sprayfrom the water’s edge.
With Seaweed Tours we explore rugged ocean shores
and authentic fishing villages, we take you to places where
you’ll experience a real sense of what the past was truly like
and how that past is in many ways is still alive and present today.

We are committed to making our tours, each and every time, a one of a kind.

We’ll share with you our stories and memories while you make new ones of your own to treasure and take home.

Expert Local Guides

Exclusive Insights

Places Locals Know & Love

Meet Your Tour Guide

Nancy the owner and operator of Seaweed Tours is a natural storyteller and host. She came to Lunenburg NS in the late 70’s, before it was designated a world heritage UNESCO site, to help out her dad who owned a local fisherman’s tavern – a story all in itself! She had come for 2 weeks but has stayed for over 40 years and counting.

During her earlier days taping off beers at the tavern, she heard some pretty darn good “yarns” (a local Lunenburg term to describe story telling) from the fisherman she served, and she came to appreciate one of the best ways to truly understand someone might just be to share a story or two.

She also learned a thing or two about life in a rural fishing community and about the people who made their living here on the waters off the great Atlantic Coast. These are the insights that are shared on a Seaweed Tour. 

It is the weaving and retelling of some of these stories and the beautiful sights and places we visit, (the local hidden gems,) that we now share with all our guests. Be it Nancy or any one of her” personally chosen for the job” guides the intention is the same, to bring you the best of all we offer on each and every trip. 

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A few kind words from our wonderful guests

"Blue Rocks Tour A Delight!"

"Blue Rocks Tour A Delight!"

Nancy, our tour guide, bus driver and engaging Lunenburg resident, is a natural raconteur. Her tour of Blue Rocks and Stonehurst (with a brief stop at the Lunenburg Academy) was a combination of personal stories, local anecdotes and relevant information about the area and its history. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make the experience informative and fun, and a wonderful way to get a taste for the area.
Date of experience: October 2019

"Great Valley Wine Tour"

"Great Valley Wine Tour"

I worked with Nancy, the owner / operator to customize a wine tasting tour to the Annapolis Valley area for four couples. She was so accommodating! We even added a craft brewery stop to accommodate the guys who weren’t that keen on wine. We had a wonderful day. Nancy included lots of extra touches that really showed this isn’t just a business for her; she cares about making sure her passengers enjoy their trip and feel they got good value for the cost.

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Come with us, sit back and relax. We’ll explore the places and hidden gems that you came here for while visiting the extraordinary sights that make Lunenburg and the Annapolis Valley famed destinations worldwide.

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